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Language translation

Online Multi-Language translator sentences and texts. Allows you to translate text between more than 20 world languages. To translate text using high quality translate api from Google.com.

Translate sentences and texts

Translator of sentences resolves within a few seconds, entered text into the desired jazyka.During translation, performed by the background google translator, displays an animated progress. After completion of the translation of the translated text appears in the box under the specified text. Language Translator online and opted instead for free.

Languages among which may be translated

English Afrikaans Albanian Arabic Belarusian Bulgarian Chinese Czech Danish Estonian Finnish French galicijsky Philippine Hebrew Hindi Dutch Croatian Icelandic Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese Yiddish Catalan Korean Latvian Lithuanian Macedonian Malay Maltese Norwegian German Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Slovak Slovenian Greek Serbian Spanish Swahili Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Welsh Vietnamese

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